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S. M. Olson Dark Paradise web comics



A writer, a teacher, and a hopeless dreamer forever living with his head in the clouds and his mind in the gutter. He has a very intimate relationship with Dark Paradise. The residents of this dark, ruthless, and uninviting island have been living in his head for over two decades. It is time to set them free and allow them to move into all of your heads.


Good luck.

Jack Silverwood Dark Paradise wbcoics



Hello, my name is Jack Silverwood, and I am a writer for screen and page, but more importantly, I am passionately in love with the Dark Paradise universe, so much so, that I write for it too.

Growing up with a fascination with horror, science fiction and alternate history, I enjoy the freedom and creativity that the world allows me to explore. The characters feel like friends and enemies to me, and it’s a pleasure to see them through every journey.

Welcome to Dark Paradise…

Amaltea Monetero Dark Paradise webcomics



Amaltea Montero is an illustrator specializing in comic art. Her realistic figure work, amazing eye for detail, and sequential storytelling has brought to life the world and residents of Dark Paradise.

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