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Dark Paradise Webcomic Dark Runer from Stone Lovers Webcomic

“It's crazy isn't it? You're looking at ground-God-damned-zero. Hawaii of all places. You'd expect the end of the world to come from Russia, or New York, or Germany or some shit, but here?” 


What is Dark Paradise?

The Darwin virus spread quickly causing death and tragedy in its wake. First appearing over fifty years ago on the Hawaiian Islands it spread to the mainland and beyond. In the early years of the outbreak hundreds of millions of infected people died painful deaths while just as many survived the disease, but were forever mutated. Attempting to contain the virus the infected were quarantined to the site of the first outbreak; Hawaii. Millions of infected people were forcibly quarantined to the islands and a blockade put in place to keep them there. Overpopulation, poverty, and crime are now prevalent in what was once a paradise. These are the stories of those continuing to live their lives on the islands now called Dark Paradise.  

Cover of Stone Lovers tragic love story from Dark Paradise web comics
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New pages will be uploaded every Saturday

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